THE WINNER  is Fiona Conlon... all others will still be in the next round and here are some of their stories.

 I’d really like to nominate my sister Fiona who works for the ISPCA. Unfortunately animal cruelty doesn’t stop during a world pandemic and she’s as busy as ever. She’s my daughters ultimate hero and she lives by the mantra “Saving one animal won’t change the world but it will change the world of that one animal”. She really has a passion for her work and gives it her heart and soul.

I'd like to nominate Caitriona Twomey of penny dinners here in cork for helping the elderly and the homeless she is a kind and wonderful person and a very hard worker stay safe.

'I nominate Siobhan McMahon, consultant nurse in our Lady of Lourdes hospital, 3 cheers for Siobhan'

'My husband Keith Dunne is still working 3 and 4 days a week 12 hour shifts and has to travel so his my super hero. But there are loads I no that would deserve it probably even more so that are in the hospitals in shops working away so I would nominate Sabrina Byrne she's a nurse in Tullamore hospital on the frontline.'

'I'd Like to Nominate my daughter Danielle Downes who is a Health Care Worker and also Volunteered to help out with the HSE on her days that she is free. She also got a call to see would she be willing to help in Nursing Homes and didn't hestitate to say Yes''
I’d like to nominate my brother Richard who is an Advanced paramedic and I have the height of respect for all who are working on the front line at this difficult time you are all hero’s'
'I'd like to nominate my niece Debbie Carr. She's a nurse over 10 years in Beaumount. She always puts her patients first. She hasn't seen her Mum and Dad for weeks as they live in Donegal. She s a great role model for her little cousins in Donegal and is so kind to her Granny in Donegal. Thats why she's our Hero.'
'Police officers doctors nurses and all emergency services who work so hard to keep us safe even Ireland's government'
 'my daughter Caroline Monaghan works in hospital'
'I'd like to nominate Daniel McGowan for collecting over 2000 easter eggs to be shared out between the homeless . tallaght hospital Garda and much more on the Frontline he is an amazing young boy'
 'My frontline sisters @aishlingoc31 and @niamhoconnor88 working hard, not complaining and getting things done!'
'@mulliganannmarie wonder nurse wonder mom wonder friend.. my hero'
'@oatila amazing biologist in this madness time'
'My hero is my husband Mufaddal Mala work for us day and night (restaurant worker) love to win for him'
 'I would love my neighbour @saneetachristian to win. She works in the UCD lab testing covid19 working so many long hours. She is so deserving of a day out with her daughter.'

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