Welcome to our first Sport Hero, Alex Honnold, chosen by Simon Byrne, Sports Activity Manager at Explorium and a keen rock climber.

At Explorium Sports department we have not 1 but 2 unique and fun climbing zones. Many of our staff have the climbing bug and several members of staff have been rock climbing for years. Over the last number of decades many climbing athletes have become renowned and even household names. Alex Honnold, famous for his bold yet inspiring solo (climbing without a rope) climbs of big walls such as those found at Yosemite National Park stands out. Not only is Alex an adventurer, writer and climber but he has also started the non-profit Honnold Foundation. The Foundation brings clean solar energy to those most in need worldwide. Using technology to fight inequality and to reduce environmental impact is inspirational.

Photo from: http://www.alexhonnold.com/