Sports Science is the scientific study of physiology, biomechanics and exercise science in relation to the ability of the human body to adapt to motion, movement, physical activity and health changes.

At Explorium we have created bespoke Sports Science programmes in the areas of Performance and Injury Prevention, to not only improve athletic performance and decrease the risk of injury enabling sports people to be quicker, stronger and fitter while performing more efficiently and effectively.

Programmes are carried out under the supervision of our highly qualified Sports Science Team, with individual attention given to each team member on the day. Tests results are recorded and sent to team managers and coaches post programme analysis. Tests results are highly confidential and are never shared outside of those nominated at time of booking.

Whatever sport you are involved we have a programme to suit you. All of our programmes are designed for teams from 12+ to minor and senior teams.

Follow up Programmes are tailored to individual and team requirements and can be discussed on the day or in subsequent communication by phone call or email.